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By Mark Stratton



July 20, 2009


This place has two distinct personalities, so I approached it at two different times.


I had lunch along with my son,Todd, on a Wednesday afternoon. A typical hot humid Kansas City summer day. I returned on a cool weekend night.


The evening experience was more about music than food. If you have a group to entertain and want to get out. BBís fills the bill.


When I walked in the front door the feeling of familiarity swept over me. This could be any neighborhood BBQ restaurant in Texas, Alabama, or even Kansas City. Even though I had never been here before, I felt as if I had been coming here all my adult life. The inside must be decorated the way I always imagined my man cave to be. It is comfortable, laid back and the perfect setting to listen to live music and down a few brews.


I ordered BBís Lawnside King Combo and the Hickory Smoked Meat Platter. These were way over my food budget, but I had my six foot four inch son with me and the challenge is usually filling him up.


B.B.'s Lawnside  King Combo
Four Ribs, Italian Sausage and Your Choice of Beef, Ham, Turkey or Pulled Pork. Served with Battered Fries and Pit Beans $15..95


Hickory Smoked Meat Platter
Choice of 3 meats - sliced Beef, Ham, Turkey, or Pulled Pork
2 Side Orders, Pickles, and White Bread $13.95

We ordered green beans and cole slaw as the side dishes.


The ribs were cooked perfectly, texture was moist yet firm. A dark smoky bark on the outside.


Beef brisket was flavorful not overly cooked to the point of dryness. It had body and stood on itís own.


The ham was a good firm product smoky and as a combo sandwich with the beef was a perfect match.


The pulled pork was a highlight for us. I could have feasted on this alone. Full of saucy flavor, this product matched well with the homestyle bread and dill pickles.


The Italian sausage was not familiar to me, I didnít taste the traditional fennel, garlic and herb flavors that I am accustomed to. This sausage seemed more like a cajon hybrid. It was a bit dry, but pleasing to the palate.


TurkeyÖÖÖ.why? Maybe it attracts quasi vegetarians. Nothing more than slick meat with some sauce on top of it. Save it for Thanksgiving.


Cole slaw was simple with an almost nonexistent dressing. The oniony flavor came through. I appreciate that it wasnít smothered in Mayo. I could see someone piling this on top of their pulled pork sandwich, is that wrong?


The beans had depth of flavor and were a good compliment to the dishes we ordered. They served us a green bean dish that was outstanding; my son didnít give me a chance to negotiate my way into taking it home. He just grabbed it. They were that good.


Battered potatoes were ok, however they didnít taste like they were made in house. But Iím sure most people like them. I would trade this side dish for a great in house made potato salad and some crispy fries.


The sauce came in two levels not spicy and spicy. From a personal standpoint I like my sauce to have a certain amount of body, if youíre going to call it spicy, it should be spicy. This sauce was not my favorite. Having said that, eating this Q and nursing a beer, this sauce probably works on many levels. It doesnít compete with the meal.


I would recommend this place to anyone who likes live blues and BBQ.


I would say this though. In my opinion, BBís does itís best to be more of an everything kind of restaurant and blues bar. Having said that I would rather dine in a place that has a specialized menu that consists of in house made specialties and not brought in frozen in big bags and fried up or dished out. I just donít see the need to put this stuff on a plate.


Based on the live music format, atmosphere and food. Iím awarding BBís Lawnside 4  of 5 rib bones.


I will return and I would recommend everyone make a visit to this somewhat unique Kansas City experience.



Mark Stratton and Guy Fieri of the Food Network at the American Royal BBQ Contest in Kansas City



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