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Ollie Gates


April 16, 2008


Visionary, innovator, community leader, and great barbecue restaurateur. These are the words we feel best describe Ollie Gates.

As President of Gates Bar-B-Q, Ollie Gates not only engineered and managed the expansion of the best barbecue restaurant chain in Kansas City, but he's  also played a vital role in promoting Kansas City style barbecue. His appearances  on  television shows such as "The Food Network", and the "Early Show" on CBS have been an enormous boost to Kansas City's barbecue community. His appearances, knowledge of his craft, and the quality of his work greatly contribute to the  belief that "Kansas City Is The Barbecue Capital of the World!"

His achievements as a business leader have been many, and The Kansas City Business Hall of Fame list his awards as follows:


- Citizen of the Year

- Executive of the Year

- Distinguished Service

- Spirit of Kansas City

- Velam E. Woodson Outstanding  Leadership award from the NAACP

- Greater Kansas City Business Hall of Fame

- Restaurateur of the Year from the Missouri Restaurant Association


Mr. Gates  served in the United States Army, was President of the Kansas City Board of Parks & Recreation, and  Commissioner on the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission.

He also served as Grand Marshal in the 2005 American Royal Parade.

The popularity and aura of Kansas City and it's barbecue community has been greatly enhanced by Mr. Gates participation not only as a business leader, but by his dedication to being one of the best restaurateurs in the country.

It's refreshing to find a man like Ollie Gates who loves his community and has the passion and drive to work to make Kansas City a better place for all. We thank Mr. Gates for his commitment, drive, enthusiasm, and last but not least - for his six Kansas City Gates locations which serve some of the Best Barbecue in the World!

Thank You Mr. Gates!




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